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Please Help Us Bring International Participants to Our Creative Dance Teacher Training
One of our most exciting endeavors is supporting international students to study at the Mettler Studios' Creative Dance Teacher Training in Tucson. These students have participated in Mettler-based dance residencies in collaboration with Evolve Dance, Inc. in Vietnam, Indonesia, Peru. They range from university dance students, to staff members at shelters for victims of human trafficking, to community organizers, to teachers in community centers in poverty stricken neighborhoods. They come to study Mettler-based dance in order to bring it back to their communities and work through organizations such as Pacific Links Foundation and Hagar International in Vietnam, Yogyakarta Institute of Art in Indonesia, and Corazon de Nana in Peru. 
Mettler Studios provides support for travel to Tucson, housing, full tuition waivers, books and materials at the cost of over $2000 for each participant. Each year since 2013 we have supported more participants in the teacher training, and more applicants are applying to come. In this world of increasing conflicts and divisiveness, art programming such as Mettler-based Creative Dance has become a vital component of community engagement and inclusiveness. We ask for your help to expand our international outreach.  

Please use the form below to make your donations through PayPal, or send your check made out to Mettler Studios Inc. to the address below. Please label the check "International Outreach Fund."

Mettler Studios
3131 N. Cherry Ave
Tucson, AZ  85719

Thank you for helping bring the power of Mettler-based dance to communities around the world.

See our Projects page for more details on our international outreach. 

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